Let me answer any questions you might have...

FAQ Dog specific

I'm worried you wont get any good photos of my dog?!

A. Many owners think their dog is too crazy, fast, doesn't behave or might be too reactive!

I'd love to put your mind at ease and let you know that this is ok, and we can work around any of these.

Every dog is different and every session is different. Some dogs aren't phased about having a stranger with a camera pointed at their face follow them around. Others take more time and patience before feeling relaxed and comfortable.

Part of the booking process is communicating any concerns you might have about your dog. We will decide what kind of environment and how to proceed to ensure a happy dog, happy owner and beautiful photos.

My dog can't be off leash...

A. Ideally I like to go to locations where your dog(s) can be off leash, run around and well, just be a dog and do dog things!
If they need to stay on leash though that's totally ok (this is also something we can discuss during the booking process.) With the magic and power of Photoshop any leashes/collars can be removed when I'm editing our photos.

Will I be in the photos too?

A. If you want to! I always encourage owners to get in front of the camera, at least for a few shots. They don't have to be posed either, we can get some candid moments of you walking, cuddling or playing together.

What will I be doing during the session?

A. Your role is very important! You know your dog better than anyone and the bond you have will ensure we get wonderful shots. It is a team effort between us posing your dog in some spots and keeping their attention on us/me while I snap away. Majority of the gorgeous close up shots in my gallery are not the dogs looking directly at me, but at their owners, expressing all their love and happiness to you!

FAQ General

What if the weather isn't great?

A. We're pretty lucky here in Perth with clear blue skies being pretty normal most days! However if the forecast is for heavy rain, thunderstorms or uncomfortably hot (30+ degrees) we will reschedule.
Light rain or chilly day sessions will go ahead... the different lighting and atmosphere of days like this can often give us some unique and beautiful photo opportunities!

What location(s) do we go to for sessions?

A. This is totally up to you! If you have a specific spot in mind please let me know. Otherwise I can offer suggestions including beaches, parks, hiking trails and more scenic rural spots. In home/ your backyard sessions are always an option too.

For Dog sessions we can always go to your dogs (and yours) favourite walking spot or go explore somewhere new. For nervous/ reactive/ older dogs going to a familiar place they know and enjoy will ensure they are comfortable and happy, giving us the best photos possible!

All sessions are ideally booked for the golden hours of the day (early morning or just before sunset)

What should I/ we wear??

A. I am by no means a fashionista or stylist AT ALL. I'm the first to admit my daily wardrobe usually consists of just shorts and a tee with my hair in a bun. Comfy!

I do have some tips for your photo session though...try and avoid wearing what's 'trendy' or 'in fashion'. Think back to when it was all the rage to be matching in white shirts and denim for your family photos... That and similar does NOT need to be repeated.

Avoid clothes with big brands and graphics.
Avoid bold, block, neon bright colours.

Do look for more neutral colours, different textures and patterns that work and compliment each other.

Do wear appropriate footwear. Unless otherwise planned most locations will be outdoors in nature and involve a bit of walking and possibly getting a bit dirty.

Bring any props and outerwear that you might need for the weather eg. rain jacket, sunscreen, hats...

We can also chat before your sessions if you want some ideas and guidance!