Pricing and what's included

Every session

There is no session fee.

Yup that's right!

I run things a little differently than what you might have been expecting?!

You instead pay a Reservation Retainer of $250. This locks your session into my calendar and is due in full (non-refundable) before the session date.

The session usually takes place outdoors at a location of either my suggestion or perhaps you have a special place in mind. Either in the morning or in the golden light of the evening. I usually allow an hour for each session, although this is not too strict.

Your $250 is then magically converted into product credit to put towards beautiful wall art, prints, digitals or albums! Also included is every image (at least 25 for every session) available to download from your personalised online gallery, in a watermarked web size format.

AND! An optional gift for those of you who are tech savvy and/or addicted to their phones (who isn't these days though...) is an app you can download to your phone home screen which has a gallery of all your watermarked photos, perfect to share straight to the socials and have your favourite photo as your background!

Most clients typically choose an album, prints and maybe some small gifts they can buy for others.

Follow me HERE to see what gorgeous products are available to choose from!

Rainbow sessions

If we could have one wish for our pets would it not be that they can live forever? Or just a little bit longer...please?!

A quiet, gentle and very special session for those close to crossing the Rainbow Bridge due to illness or ageing. Priority is given to these bookings as much as I can.