You know when you meet someone

that's super chill, easy going, not judgemental and loves a laugh.

I feel like that's me

Life is too short for drama and unnecessary stress. Ain't nobody got time for that!

born and raised in perth

although most of my twenties was spent travelling around the world.

My little biz started back in the coast mountains of British Columbia. My passion for photography and dogs merged while being a dog walker in my local town. Out every day in the forest, mountain and river trails taking photos of my furry buddies was the absolute dream. And from it my business, photo and dog handling skills grew...

But I'm back!

Relocated our lives and my business back to Perth from Canada during the peak of Covid...moved to the Swan Valley area and adopted Sauvin, our (now) 10 month old Border Collie who has stolen our hearts (and keeps us veeeery busy)

It's been a wild ride and I'm excited for what 2021 holds for us!!


Winter. Living in Canada for four years confirmed my love for the snow and all the comforts of the cold...blankets, red wine and wholesome food.

Genuinely obsessed with dogs!!

Working with them, learning about them, hanging with them at parties, giving pats at all opportune moments...

find me

Hanging out with my fiance Liam and our puppy Sauvin

Always down for an adventure! Camping, hiking, travelling, snowboarding

Cooking up an epic vego brunch or dinner at home

Watering, dusting or repotting all our indoor plants...