i know, i know...

Why does a photographer have a website page about being sustainable?


Because our wonderful planet is our responsibility.

Every person.

Every business.

No matter how small

You, like many other people are probably becoming more mindful and conscious of how our daily choices impact our planet.

I realised I have been bringing this mindfulness into my business practices and thought I would share a few of these choices:


If I'm ready or need to upgrade lenses, bodies, computers etc there's a good chance someone is selling what I'm looking for. As opposed to buying new which comes with so much packaging + the transport and emissions.


Often I will save + reuse packaging from my photo labs or try and use recyclable materials and postage options. Kraft paper, twine and some native florals are my go to for wrapping your little prints and products!!


Majority of my prints, products, business cards etc are sourced locally from other small businesses. Not only does it feel good but the quality and customer service is always better than from big chains and franchises.


Continuing on from the previous point these are also businesses that offer sustainable and eco friendly products. All frames, woods and most other products are sustainable, renewable and vegan.


Yup do you know what your bank does with your money? Most people don't! Bank Australia doesn't lend our money to harmful companies such as fossil fuels or live animal export like many others do. Highly recommend checking these guys out they're quickly becoming more popular within Australia, and for good reason!


Australian Ethical another amazing Aus company investing our money to help the Planet, People and Animals!!

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if you have questions, more ideas on how to run a greener business or want some tips for your own!