The Experience

Here's what to expect start to finish for your session...

My approach...

A session with me often feels like going for a walk with a friend while we chat and laugh, and I occasionally have us stop at a few places along the way to take some photos. Simple! It's very relaxed, low-key and enjoyable. I love for us to go places that offer beautiful scenery, maybe timed with a gorgeous sunset where we can just be in and enjoy the moment. During our time together I will be in 'documentary mode' capturing all the little candid moments, while also being mindful to get those certain shots that will look amazing blown up and printed as a stunning art piece for your home. Your gallery will have a range of photos from dramatic close ups to classic portraits and intimate details plus stunning scenic shots.

Why choose me?

As a small creative business owner you have no (or maybe you do) idea how amazing it feels to have people who want to pay and support you for your services, products and what you do! I've had this from day one and I'm not sure it will ever stop amazing me. I am so grateful to be able to do what I love and earn my living from this!

Right from enquiring, to the session, and the final order and reveal session I want it all to be stress free and easy for both of us. Step by step you will know what to expect, what I need from you and all the costs involved. No surprises!

I offer unique, beautiful and quality products that you won't find with other photographers and I'm here to help you decide what's right for you. Everyone is different and I want you to gain maximum value with products that suit your style, home and budget.

Step by Step

#1 Enquiry

A. You can message me through my website, Facebook, Instagram, email or phone call.

Ask any questions you might have, voice any concerns or just find out more info from me.

#2 Book your session

A. Booking is easy with my online booking system!!

I will send you a link where you can choose your day and time, enter your details and pay your Reservation Fee via trusted and secure PayPal or Square.

I will send through my detailed price menu for you to view and start thinking about what you might like as well as the contract for you to sign.

#3 Before your session day

A. I will message you to confirm our day and time. I can offer any tips and advice that will help you prepare for the day and answer any last minute questions you might have.

#4 Session Day

A. YAY the fun part!!

Today is all about you and your dog. We can finally meet in person and FiFi is going to be spoilt with all the pats, treats and enjoying being doted on by her favourite person(s) in the world, YOU!

#5 Reveal and Order Date

A. Possibly more exciting than the session day, the anticipation of seeing all your beautiful images and choosing your products!

A few weeks after the session day,
you come to me or I can come to your home. We will navigate your online gallery and store together. I will have samples of everything for you to see, touch and feel for yourself.

There is a 15% discount on your total if you order and pay upfront on our date too!

#6 Product delivery/ pickup

A. Is that you Christmas??

It sure feels like it, even for me when I receive your order I think I'm just as excited!

Allow 4-6 weeks for your delivery to be ready after ordering.

And you live happily ever after with photos and artwork that you can cherish forever :)